egLauncher lets you run your favourite applications and web pages very quickly. You won't waste your time searching applications and shortcuts.

How to run egLauncher
How to run applications
How to add applications


System requirements

Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0

egLauncher 1.0.3

egLauncher Freeware

How to run egLauncher

To run egLauncher you should click on the 'ég' tray icon:

You can also use a system hot key to run egLauncher. The default system hot key for egLauncher is 'Shift+Ctrl+E'.

How to run applications

Running applications using tray menu

You can run selected applications using the 'ég' tray menu. To show application list you should right click on the 'ég' tray icon:

Adding applications to tray menu

You should run application properties in the egLauncher to add selected application to tray menu:

Select option 'Add to quick menu':

Running applications using system hot key

You can run your favourites application very quickly using a system hot key. You can set the hot keys for your favourites application in application properties. In this example 'Ctrl+Shift+N' is the system hot key for the 'Notepad' application.

Running applications using egLauncher hot key sequence

Applications are grouped into sections. You can run selected application using as hot key sequence. Please notice that the egLancher window has to be active. In this example 'DN' (first capital letter in section name and first capital letter in application name) is the hot key sequence for the 'Notepad' application. You should type the 'DN' sequence in active egLauncher window to run the 'Notepad' application.

How to add application

Dragging application to selected section

You can drag application or shortcut to selected egLauncher section. egLauncher automatically creates shortcut to dragged element.

Copying shortcut to selected application

You can also copy selected element and paste a shortcut using the context menu:

Adding new section

You can group your favorites applications in sections to keep clear structure. You can create new section using the context menu: